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Latest News: Sealyham is a great Success!

Saturday 28 June, 2014

DSC_0588Year 6 departed on the Sunday morning along with 4 other Down’s federation schools heading for Sealyham in Pembrokeshire.

On arrival, the children found out the groups they would be in for their activities for the week. They had a short time to explore Sealyham Mansion and the grounds, as well as unpacking their bags before dinner. But no time was wasted with the first activity starting on Sunday evening.Luke’s birthday was also celebrated on Sunday evening with a slice of cake each!With children from Compton spread across several different groups they all had different activities at different points throughout the week. But largely, they all got to do the same ones.

There was a huge range of activities, from bivi to coasteering, trim trail to high ropes, orienteering to archery, amongst a host of others. I think all of the children; Miss H-P and myself included, faced and conquered some of our fears at some point in the week. Whether it was heights, water or ghost stories!  The week provided an excellent opportunity for children to mix and meet others who will be heading to the Down’s in September. I think all of the children made new friends and quickly integrated with other schools, which was great to see.

For me one of the best aspects about the week was seeing the progression all of the children made in some way with regards to their confidence and ownership of their own responsibilities. Alongside small things like making their own lunch, they have to ensure they have the correct clothing for each activity, make sure they are on time for everything and are generally encouraged to think for themselves as much as possible. By the end of the week they were very much looking out for and helping each other. It was great to see! The only thing they proved not to be able to take responsibility of was the state of their rooms! With both the Compton boys and Compton girls rooms taking the wooden spoon in the neatest room competition! (Although they all seemed very happy with the accolade!)

Every single Compton child was a pleasure to be around throughout the week. The behaviour was excellent and they represented the school very well. I know all of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves throughout the week and had a great time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pembrokeshire was their destination of choice for their next holiday!

Thanks to all of the children for making it a great week for Miss H-P and myself!

 Mr Lead.

Mission Statement:

The relationship between the school, parents, pupils, governors and the community is vitally important. In September 2010 all these groups joined together to develop the mission statement for the school as it moved on into its next phase – to become outstanding. The mission statement encapsulates all these ideas and ambitions for the school.

As a church school our ethos reflects Christian moral values which build positive partnerships with families, local and global communities.

We aim to:

  • Provide an outstanding education for all pupils
  • Develop everybody’s unique personality, abilities and talents through creative learning experiences
  • Encourage confidence, independence and self-belief so that all individuals can reach their maximum potential
  • Embed within the school a culture of respect and care for each other and themselves
  • Instil a lifelong love of learning with the ability and desire to make God’s world a better place