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Complaints Policy


This policy outlines the complaints procedure for parents. It sets out the steps that should be taken by parents in the event that there are concerns or complaints regarding the education or welfare of children within the school. Each of the four steps are outlined in this procedure.

All communication between parents and the school are treated with complete confidentiality and support and respect for you and your child will not be affected in any way. At all stages of the complaints process all parties will be treated fairly and will be invited to give views.

Class teacher contact

In the first instance any concerns should be addressed to the pupil’s Class teacher. It is possible to arrange to see Class teachers by making an appointment either with the Class teacher themselves or via the school office. However, please be aware that at the start of the day the Class teacher may be very busy ensuring that all children are in class on time and are settled.

The Class teacher will deal with your concern fairly and with understanding and will endeavour to resolve matters straight away. However, if you are not entirely satisfied with the way in which your concern has been dealt with you may make a formal complaint to the Headteacher.

If you have a concern that you feel should be looked at by the Headteacher, rather than the Class teacher in the first instance, then you can make an appointment via the school office.

Headteacher contact

If you have met with the Class teacher and are not satisfied with the outcome then you should set out your concern in writing to the Headteacher who will subsequently invite you in to the school to discuss the issue. If you wish, you may be accompanied by a friend or relative. Following this meeting, the Headteacher will conduct a full investigation and you will receive a written response to your complaint.

Chair of Governor contact

If following the meeting with the Headteacher and the written response, you are still not satisfied then you should write to the Chairman of the Governing Body giving an out line of your complaint, why you are unhappy with the outcome and why you feel the matter has not been dealt with to your satisfaction. The Chair of the Governors will then meet with the Headteacher and the complaints committee to discuss further action. You will be offered a meeting with the Chair of Governors at which you may be accompanied by a friend or relative. The Chair of Governors may also be
accompanied by another Governor or the Headteacher. Following this meeting you will receive a written response to your complaint from the Chair of the Governors.

Any complaints related to the Headteacher should be addressed to the Chairman of Governors via the school.

Further Action

Complaints about school problems are usually settled within the school but in exceptional cases it may be necessary to refer the matter to the Local Authority at:

West Berkshire Council,
West Street,
RG14 1BZ

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