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School Newspaper - The Friday Feature!

The Friday Feature is our school newspaper. Released every other Friday, it is run entirely by our Chief Editors, comprising of Albie Kelly, Daisy McEnhill, Bessie Borlase and Leo Davy from Year 6. With a geninue passion for writing, maths and ICT, this editorial team plans and puts together the newspaper.

As it’s tagline states, the Friday Feature is ‘written for the kids, by the kids’, thus pupil voice is paramount. The team have developed a ‘Friday Feature’ box where any child from across the school can post ideas, suggestions and articles, as well as posting answers to questions and puzzles that are set.  

Working throughout the week to gather articles and ideas, the editorial team also help the younger children write up and publish their ideas during lunchtimes. The Friday Feature is definitely the highlight of going home time on Friday and the talk of the playground on Monday!

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