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Staff List

Teaching Staff

Executive Headteacher Mr C Prosser
Associate Head of Teaching and Learning Mrs Sharon Annetts
Elm Class (Foundation) Mrs S Annetts / Mrs K Hoffland
Oak (Year 1) Mrs R. Smith /Mrs C Martin
Hazel Class (Year 2)
Mrs B Brown /Ms R Broadbridge  
Sycamore Class (Year 3) Mrs C Petit
Maple Class (Yr4) Mr B Harte
Willow Class (Yr5)

Mr A Byrne

Beech Class (Yr 6) Mrs T Ridler, Assistant Headteacher 
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator Mrs T. Sutton

Support Staff

Classroom Support Assistants

Mrs K. Hoffland, Miss R  Lee, Mrs V Cooper, Ms S Otty, Ms J Wrey, Mrs E Collins, Ms I. Koziolek, Miss G McRae, Miss L Ede, Mrs G MacDow, Miss M Macdowell, Mr G Sparkes, Mrs E Wilkinson

School Administration Manager Mrs T Sparkes
Admin assistant Mrs  V Cooper (part time)
Caretaker Mr A  Willoughby


Mr A Willoughby and Mrs S  Willoughby
Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs S Willoughby, Mr A Willoughby and classroom support assistants as above.
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