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Staff List

  • Foundation Class – Elm
  • Year 1 – Oak
  • Year 2 – Hazel
  • Year 3 – Sycamore
  • Year 4 – Maple
  • Year 5 – Willow
  • Year 6 – Beech
Teaching Staff
Executive Headteacher Mr Chris Prosser
Director of Primaries Mrs Alison McDonald
Associate Head of Teaching and Learning Mrs Sharon Annetts
Elm Class (Foundation) Mrs. S. Annetts / Mrs K. Hoffland
Oak (Year 1) Mrs R. Smith / Mrs B. Brown
Hazel Class (Year 2) Mrs C. Petit
Sycamore Class (Year 3) Mrs C. Martin
Maple Class (Yr4) Ms. R. Broadbridge
Willow Class (Yr5)

Mrs. N. Dowling (Maternity Cover)

Mrs F. Charlton (Assistant Headteacher)

Beech Class (Yr 6) Mrs. T Ridler, Assistant Headteacher 
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator Mrs T. Sutton

Support Staff

Classroom Support Assistants


Mrs S. Mann, Mrs K. Hoffland, Mrs S. McEwan, Miss E. Collier, Ms M Buckner,  Miss R. Lee, Mrs V. Cooper, Mrs J. Bennett, Ms S.Otty, Ms C. Morris, Ms J Wrey, Mrs J. Ewers

School Administrator Mrs T Sparkes
  Mrs. V. Cooper (part time)
School Administration Manager Mrs L. Stokes
Caretaker Mr. A. Willoughby


Mrs. S. Allen
Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs S Willoughby, Mr A Wiloughby and classroom support assistants as above.
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