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Communication Guidelines

How will parents and carers receive information from school?


Information included




General school news

By email from schoolcomms


Term dates

School holiday dates

By email and on website


School calendar

Important dates

On website



All statutory information including policies

General information about the school



Online 24/7


School trips

New information

By email via school comms or paper copy on request

As necessary

Class Dojo

Curriculum letters

Posts celebrating class learning

By email invitation then

www.classdojo.com or via free app

Teachers’ quiet hours from 5.30pm-8.00am and at weekends. 

Online 24/7 


Updates on school activities

Facebook page Compton CE Primary School

Online 24/7

Parents’ Evenings

Meetings to share pupils’ achievements and set targets.  

Usually face to face by appointment in November and March. 

November and March annually

School reports

Pupils’ progress and attainment

End of year report in July.

Hard copy sent home. 


Information sessions

How to help your child at home: curriculum and/or pastoral informations

A flyer/letter is sent out with details. Parents asked to confirm attendance. Sessions held in school.

Across the year 

Telephone calls

Any urgent matter relating to your child

By school office staff or class teacher

As necessary


Dolce school lunch menu, ingredients, meal ordering and payments

Link will be sent by office when joining the school

Online 24/7




What is the best way to contact the school if I need information?


What do I need to contact you about?

Who should I  contact?

What is the best way to contact them?

  • Pastoral – friendship
  • Lost property
  • Academic progress
  • Reading books/homework
  • Classroom or playground incident
  • Academic concerns

Class teacher

By phone or email before 8.40am

Verbally at the end of the school day or call to make an appointment

Class Dojo

  • Illness/Absence

School office

Option 1 on school telephone system 01635 578240 or by email



  • Change of person collecting child

School office. Please try to do this as soon as possible

01635 578240



  • Confidential matter – change in home life/serious medical issue/request for absence

Associate Headteacher/Director of Primaries

By phone or appointment



  • Quality of teaching and learning

Associate Headteacher/Director of Primaries

headteacher@compton.w-berks.sch.uk or by appointment

  • Formal complaint

Director of Primaries (see Complaints policy on website)

Marked for attention of Director of Primaries


  • Sending a compliment

Member of staff involved or send via office/Associate Headteacher or Director of Primaries

In person or by email using any of the emails above

  • Trips/Clubs/copies of letters

School office

01635 578240



  • Safeguarding concerns

Associate Headteacher or Director of Primaries


  • Safeguarding concern relating to staff

Director of Primaries or Executive Headteacher


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