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Pupil Premium

Our pledge for disadvantaged pupils

In line with our Christian Vision, every pupil at Compton CE Primary School will be supported and challenged to “become strong in spirit; filled with wisdom.”

To do this we pledge that:-

  • Every child will receive quality first teaching.  Our staff are well trained and passionate about providing the best for every child; the outcomes, progress and provision for our disadvantaged pupils will be at the forefront of all monitoring and evaluation.
  • We will do everything we can to identify the challenges faced by our disadvantaged pupils in order to remove any barriers to their learning to include learning needs, emotional needs and improving attendance.
  • Every pupil will be taught the key skills needed to support them across their time at Compton Primary School and in the next steps of their education.
  • We will offer pastoral support which is nurturing and firmly rooted in our school values and which will support our children to keep themselves safe and take their place in the world we live in.
  • We will actively encourage our disadvantaged pupils to try new experiences and have high aspirations of what they can achieve.  Every disadvantaged pupil will be offered the opportunity to join in aspirational sporting and enrichment activities, trips and clubs.

The Pupil Premium is an element of school funding aimed at narrowing the gap in attainment between certain disadvantaged groups of pupils and those who are more well off.  Funding was calculated on the basis of each pupil who has been eligible for free school meals in the past six years, and for looked after children in care for more than six months. The funding is provided to schools to decide how best to spend this according to local needs.

A key measure of assessing the impact of our strategies is achievement – the progress made by pupils between Key Stages. The results of pupil premium students are compared to pupils who are not.

Our pupil premium strategy is reviewed annually and published on our website by the end of December each year.

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