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Pupil Leadership

At Compton CE Primary School, we believe children should have ownership of their learning and genuine roles to perform within the School community.  Children throughout the school are given the opportunity to represent their class within the School Council.  In addition, year six are provided with additional roles, such as Head boy / girl, Worship Committee, Librarians, Play Leaders, Team Captains and Lunchtime Buddies to support the younger pupils. 

School Council

Being a School Councillor is a very important role to uphold as you are responsible for representing the views of your class. Each year, children can put themselves forward for the role of School Councillor by preparing a speech to explain why they would be the best person for the job. Two School Councillors are then elected by their class and they are rewarded with a shiny new badge in assembly! The Head Boy and Head Girl are also a part of the School Council team providing us with an even greater level of support and ideas!

The School Council meets up once a month to share ideas and suggest possible improvements to the school. Fundraising for charities is one of the most important roles that the School Council takes on and our current School Councillors have already proven themselves through their work towards raising money for Children in Need last year!

We have lots of events coming up this year, one of which is Red Nose Day. The School Councillors are working hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that lots of money is raised!

Head Boy & Girl

This highly prestigious position is sort after by many in year six.  To be selected they must have shown themselves to be excellent role models at all times.  In addition, they write a letter of application, explaining why they would like to be considered and what they would bring to the role.  Their tasks include showing visitors around the school, organising the morning assembly and helping staff.  In addition, they run the Key Stage two assemblies: either by leading it themselves or by organising a rota of team captains and other year six who will take the assembly.  They have to ensure the other children know exactly what they are doing and have a hymn and prayer organised.  Not only that, but they have a seat on the Worship Committee, who run our Church Services.

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee help to plan and lead the different church services throughout the year. Meeting with our vicar, the Worship Committee discuss and explore the theme of the service beforehand, and suggest ideas. They select and read bible readings, write prayers and read aloud in church. They are an active group of leaders who take pride in our Christian values.

Team Captains

Children in year six prepare a speech to explain why they would make a good team captain, in preparation for termly elections.  Whilst in office, the children can be trained as Real Play Leaders to support the rest of the school during lunchtime play.  Furthermore, they join an assembly rota, so they take at least one assembly during the term (some opt to do an additional one) which is linked to our Christian Values.  They receive cups for team points and sporting events and are given the option to organise inter-house competitions.


Once accepted in the role of Librarian, our children attend training. Each week they work in the Library with our volunteer parent to tidy and organise our books and create displays, so making the library a pleasure to read in. 

Real Leaders

Real Leaders is a training program that our current Year 6 team captains are underway with. The philosophy behind the Real Leaders program is to allow the children to embark upon a journey that helps them to build character, and develop new skills, which will in turn, enable them to lead at school and beyond. Along their leadership journey, the children gain the confidence to:

  • Try new things;
  • Challenge themselves;
  • Solve problems;
  • Make decisions;
  • Think for themselves;
  • Cooperate and communicate effectively with others.

These skills help them to become a great leader. After their 10-week training, the leaders then organise and ‘lead’ a KS1 inter-house sports tournament.

School Newspaper - The Friday Feature!

The Friday Feature is our school newspaper. Released every other Friday, it is run entirely by our Chief Editors, comprising of Zach Higgins, Matthew Simms, Maya Van Zyl and Maddy Leek from Year 6. With a geninue passion for writing, maths and ICT, this editorial team plans and puts together the newspaper.

As it’s tagline states, the Friday Feature is ‘written for the kids, by the kids’, thus pupil voice is paramount. The team have developed a ‘Friday Feature’ box where any child from across the school can post ideas, suggestions and articles, as well as posting answers to questions and puzzles that are set.  

Working throughout the week to gather articles and ideas, the editorial team also help the younger children write up and publish their ideas during lunchtimes. The Friday Feature is definitely the highlight of going home time on Friday and the talk of the playground on Monday!

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