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“I like learning about mental health and how it is affected.” – Amelie, age 11

“If you’re having trouble, you can let out your emotions and it will make you feel better.” – James, age 11

“I like circle time because I learn what other people like and how they are feeling.” – Charlie, age 11



Our PSHE sessions are taught weekly, as part of the spiral curriculum provided by SCARF. Each year group has six themed units providing a comprehensive PSHE and wellbeing curriculum, including mental health and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), along with related assessment tools. Each themed unit is taught in a developmentally appropriate way and in a manner that allows pupils to make connections and develop upon their learning from previous years.

All pupils have a right to feel safe at school and to learn. Our school adopts a therapeutic approach to recognising and rewarding positive behaviour and achievements. We are committed to safeguarding children and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.


If you were to walk into PSHE lessons at Compton CE Primary School, you would see:

  • A positive attitude towards PSHE.
  • That pupils feel safe and confident to explore their own values, beliefs and feelings.
  • An inclusive, stimulating and purposeful learning environment.
  • Trusting relationships that enable children to express their feelings and opinions.
  • Continuity of learning between year groups – each class will be exploring the same themed unit each half term, in a way that is appropriate for their year group. This encourages connections to be made for the children between their previous and current learning.
  • Age appropriate sex and relationships education

Our children leave our care with the confidence, values and tools to navigate an increasingly complex world as they continue their life journey within education and beyond.

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