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Compton CE Primary School – Behaviour Blueprint


“When the adults change, everything changes.” Paul Dix

Our School Rules:

Be kind
Be respectful

Our School Vision

As a Church school, we draw our inspiration from Luke Ch2 v40

“And The Child Grew And Became Strong In Spirit, Filled With Wisdom.”



Visible Adult Consistencies

  1. Smile, meet and greet
  2. Listen first, then act
  3. Calm and patient
  4. Positive praise


  1. Name the behaviour and give verbal reminder
  2. Final reminder
  3. Consequence/restorative conversation with teacher at next break time or lunchtime. Anything serious should be recorded on Child Protection Online Management System (CPOMs)
  4. Pupil and Parent to meet with teacher (at teacher’s discretion)
  5. Parent to meet with a member of the Senior Management Team.

Visible pupil Consistencies

  1. Excellent manners
  2. Holding doors open for others
  3. Tidying without being asked
  4. Supporting other children

Restorative Questions

  1. What happened?
  2. What were people thinking before, during and after the incident?
  3. Who has been affected and how?
  4. How can we repair any harm that has been done?
  5. What needs to happen in the future?
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